Winter Engagement

A few years ago, we created decor for a winter engagement, which was one of the earliest decors for parties we have done. We loved the idea of simplicity with a touch of elegance, so that was the look we went after.

The theme was grey/silver, blue and white. We had created a wall of tissue paper poms for the back of the dessert and food table.


Rose Gold Favours

Our most recent addition to the portfolio includes some of the most traditional and ornate-looking favours we have seen. It is customary to provide guests of an event, especially a wedding or nikkah ceremony, with a small gift to remember the special day. This couple wanted to be traditional and chose one of the classiest favours we’ve seen so far.

These favours were ordered all the way from Turkey. I had put them inside of the clear box and added the rose gold ribbon around it. The tassel and tag was also added by request of the couple.


Baby Doll Shower

Over the past few weeks, we were busy assembling the cutest, most adorable decor for a baby girl shower. Baby Elayn is now almost four months and we had the honour of creating a decor for a centerpiece table that was full of flowers, ribbons, and crystal – as every princess deserves.

The theme colours were basically all shades of pale pink, white, and gold. Everything had to be shimmery, sparkly and romantic. I got too excited just thinking about the theme at our initial meeting. The event happened at Mississauga’s Sagan Hall, which was already a beautiful hall.

Green, Blue & Orange Birthday

What better to celebrate a milestone than with a party? We had the pleasure of decorating an adorable baby boy’s first birthday party in Mississauga. The theme colours were green, blue and orange. We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Included in the decor were monthly pictures of the birthday boy, a frame placed at each table, alongside a baby-theme quote and a colourful centerpiece. We used blue table cloths for guest tables, and green table cloths for the food tables and gift table. This really helped to colour the room. Alongside colourful balloons, we used paper fans and paper tassels to decorate the wall behind the food tables. Our centerpieces are made up of glass vases filled with plastic balls and fairy lights. We loved how they turned out – playful yet elegant.

We loved the idea of including positive quotes for baby, and using 3″ by 3″ frames, we created these quotes and placed them next to the centerpieces. And no birthday party is complete without balloon bouquets! We used trendy gold foil balloons and picked out these number one balloons which we paired with other balloons of the same colours.


At each place, we placed a “Happy Birthday” napkin to add more decor to the tables, as well as a “prayer” sheet that guests can use to fill out and can be stored for the future when the birthday boy can read them. For fun, we added glow sticks that were used when lights dimmed and music was playing. And in the end, we provided favours to guests which included candy and chocolate inside, with the tag commemorating the event with the birthday boy’s name in English and Arabic, and his birth date.

The cake of this event was a collaboration from two other local entrepreneurs who agreed to share their talents with this event. The cake was done by Madarati Sweets in Mississauga, and the cake topper was done by Lettered It from Ottawa.

We really enjoyed playing with this colour pallet. It was so refreshing and freeing not to use specific cartoon characters. Looking  forward to our next planning adventure already!

Gold & Pink Wedding Invites

Our latest project drew us back to a more traditional and classy look with this pink and gold wedding invitation design. The set included the wedding invitation with the reception details, and an envelope.

We love adding a very personal detail to an order, and in this project, we created a “logo” for the couple using their initials. It was placed on the back of the invitation card and on the envelope. Pearls accented the wedding invitation card. Our favourite touch is the addition of a Quranic quote regarding marriage, which is something that is always included on the cards in Muslim weddings.

“And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquility in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought.”  (30:21)