Kate Spade Wedding Details

One of our first official work as In Love and Colour began when designing the details of a unique though very trendy theme. The colours were hot pink, gold, black and white, as per Kate Spade’s trademark colours. Especially in that year, bright colours and black and white stripes were everywhere. It was hard not to notice.

I went specifically with shades of pink, from blush tones, to hot hues, and a bit of plum colour in my centre pieces. Which is what inspired us to create her a wedding logo to use for all the wedding stationery that was created for this wedding.


Of course, what trendy wedding doesn’t have a photo booth wall? I had asked for something unique that could be used as a background for my guests to take pictures. So we came up with and adorable keepsake for our house later on. It was wreath of pink flowers with gold “M ♥ R” in the middle. It was hung on a black and white separator.


On the guest and gift tables, I wanted some more of her pinks and gold to accent the tables. Against white linen, there were black and white table runners. The gift table had a gold bird cage for envelope gifts. We added clear vases which we had painted on gold polka dots, added tulle inside, and a pink flower ball at the top. The same vases were made for the guest table where I had added a gold guestbook and a black and white pen to match the rest of the theme.


Lastly, for the cocktail tables, I wanted something simple, yet would tie in with the rest of the theme. We added clear vases with black and white stone pebbles, as well as varying shades of pink flowers.


All in all, we were in love with the styling and details. What do you guys think?



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