Breakfast at Tiffany’s

We had the honour of assisting a bride-to-be’s friends in designing and decorating the hall for a bridal shower. The theme was Breakfast at Tiffany’s, where the guests were asked to dress in black while the bride-to-be dressed in white. And theme could not have been more fitting to the bride’s personality.


We designed simple centre pieces for the tables: a thin vase with black and white stones, a couple of white tulips, and we tied a small bit of ribbon around the thinnest part of the vase. How adorable!!!! As with most bridal showers we have been to, there had to be games. Of course, we had the honour of designing a couple of games for the guests. We had placed them inside loot bags that were placed on the tables at each place for the guests.


The most requested aspect of this theme was the little cute quotes that we had included on the guest table as well as the candy table. Everything was on point, including the damask/Victorian print plates, table cloths and napkins we found. And of course, each loot bag became a guest favour, since each bag included a copy of the games, a few memorabilia, and candy from the candy table!



Perfection is all in the details! What do you think?


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