Etsy Shop News

I just wanted to pop here and tell you about my Etsy shop. I know I do announce new products on my shop on Instagram every once in a while, but rarely do I really talk about them, so here's a post that talks about what I currently have on there, and what I plan to have in the near future. 

Wedding Traditions

Planning a wedding or an event of any kind is tough and I can't even sugarcoat it. You're planning for an event that basically marks one of the biggest milestones in your life, and that's getting married. And naturally, you're not the only one who has dreamed of that day ever since you were born -- your parents have, too, believe it or not! And this is where the conflict begin when it comes to being traditional or "modern" when it comes to your wedding.

Why You Should Go to a Bridal Show

One of my favourite things when I was planning my own wedding was going to bridal shows, and let me tell you why. First of all, bridal (or wedding) shows are events that are typically open to everyone, and especially to couples who are engaged about to get married. They allow you an opportunity to explore many options that exist, to ask questions, and make decisions.

A classic gold and white decor for an intimate home wedding reception.

Wedding on a Budget

So now you've figured out your vision for your wedding, put together a potential guest list for numbers, and your planning budget, and none of these allow for the wedding you've initially envisioned. Here's how to overcome this hurdle and still get the wedding of your dreams.