Etsy Shop News

Hello all! Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

I just wanted to pop here and talk to you about my Etsy shop. I know I do announce new products on my shop on Instagram every once in a while, but rarely do I really talk about them, so here’s a post that talks about what I currently have on there, and what I plan to have in the near future.

By no means am I a real business woman with expert knowledge on this matter in particular, but I am learning the ropes. Through my shop, I hope to offer to you guys something unique and that will help your event planning become easier and less expensive.

Downloadable Digital Prints

I currently offer a couple of print available for immediate download and printing to be displayed as you would like it displayed. The benefit of a digital download is that for a small fee (usually $10 CAD) you can print it as many times as you would like to. This is nice if you happen to accidentally lose it or it gets ruined the first time, you don’t have to repurchase it, but rather just print it again.

Also available are one type of wedding or bridal shower games that I hope to expand in the near future to include more games for bridal showers and baby showers. I wanted to keep their designs simple so that anyone could use them no matter their theme of the event. And for a small price of $5 CAD, you can download and print them as many times as  you like. Currently available in 5 colours.

Mug Gifts

I have recently launched a series of mugs with quotes and sayings printed on them, which I thought would make such cute gifts for different occasions. They would also make the best props in pregnancy or engagement announcements photo shoots! My favourite idea was also to use the mugs as a bridal party gift, and for this reason I’ve included something for everyone!

Eventually, I would love to bring more styles and designs to the shop.

Party Decor Kits

Have an event coming up, but don’t feel like going out and getting everything yourself? Then these party decor kits are for you! I remember after I had my son, I wanted to have a small “welcome baby” party but I was so tired and exhausted that I ended up not having one because I just didn’t feel like getting everything myself. This is where I got this idea from. I have on my shop a few designs for a few types of occasions and I think you’ll love them!

Some of these include only the banners, and others include banners, paper  tissue pom poms, balloons and paper lanterns. Assembly is required, but who wouldn’t love getting all the decor from one place!?

For You!

To thank you for coming on here and reading this rather long post, I will be giving you a secret discount code. Shhhh! Click here to redeem it!


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