A classic gold and white decor for an intimate home wedding reception.

Wedding on a Budget

So now you’ve figured out your vision for your wedding, put together a potential guest list for numbers, and your planning budget, and none of these allow for the wedding you’ve initially envisioned. Here’s how to overcome this hurdle and still get the wedding of your dreams. There’s a solution for everything!

Have it in the Off Season

Or even during the week. I know, it’s not entirely convenient for your guests, but a lot of venues and vendors offer discounts on events that happen during in the off days where events don’t typically get scheduled. Ask your vendors and venues about their days with the lowest rates. You’ll be surprised at the difference.

Opt for an Unconventional Venue

Yes, I mean it! Skip that banquet hall that’s going to cost you a fortune! There are so many event venues that can be just as nice as a banquet hall but are community centres. Plus, your decor will completely transform the place!

Choose Buffet Style

More often than not, choosing to serve your food to your guests Buffet Style is marginally cheaper than a Plated service. Usually this is about $8 less per guest, which, factoring in the number of guests at your wedding, could make a huge difference.

Go for New

And by that I mean new businesses. It is such a common misconception that a new business, whether it be photography, decor, or cakes, they’re not as great for business. But honestly, from experience, because they’re new, they are willing to go over and beyond to please their clients. Their services will be cheaper than most experiences business, but that doesn’t typically mean their product will be bad.

Rent your Dress

One of the priciest stuff is your wedding dress. You can spend upwards of $5,000 on just a wedding dress, its accessories (shoes, veil, and bling bling), and even alterations. This goes even for the groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen. On Kijiji or Facebook groups for gently loved items, there are hundreds of listings for perfectly good dresses that are available in a variety of sizes. Even buying them from these places could drastically save your budget! Be sure that when buying or renting those dresses, that they are re-adjustable to fit your figure (most tailors don’t actually permanently alter wedding dresses, just in case it’s worn again by someone else).

Floral Alternative

Your wedding day flowers will be another major cost in your spending budget, but you gotta have them! What can you do? Ask your decorator or florist for silk or fabric flowers to use for the decor, and even your bridal bouquet. Why? Well, they’re recyclable, still customizable, and they last. You won’t have wilting flowers by the end of the party.

DIY Your Details

Why not make it a fun activity for yourself and your bffs and make your own wedding details? Go to the dollar store, get a bunch of vases, flowers, ribbons, and make the details yourself without having to rent them all from your decorator. The bonus is that you get to keep them to decorate your home with after!

All opinions are entirely my own based on my own experiences within the field. If you have any questions or comments and opinions that are different from mine, please post them below in the comment section. I would love to see what other people did and what worked for them. 

Photo by Sara Imadi Photography


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