Steps of Event Planning (pt 3)

So far, we’ve talked about figuring our your wedding or event’s plans, from theme and date, location, and even your main vendors. What next? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out part 1 and part 2 if you haven’t already so you understand the full process.

Step Seven – Invitations

The next step in your planning timeline should be your invitations – when to send them out! Usually, the earlier the better, however, if your wedding or event is still over 4 months away, it’s somewhat unnecessary to send out all of your information. But you can send out a quick “Save the Date” so that people can make arrangements to attend your event (especially if your event requires your guests to travel and make accommodations). There’s so many ways to send out either the “Save the Date” or the actual invitations. Feel free to use the style that you and your partner feel is most you.

Step Eight – Details

Now that you’ve taken care of your major planning milestones, it’s time to start thinking about details. What details have you been thinking of incorporating in your wedding? A hair accessory, a photo booth, or games in your reception? Make the time to think about these things because they can truly impact a wedding. My favourite details from my wedding until now are a floral wreath I put together with my and my husband’s first name initials, which I had used as part of a photo booth wall. You’ll always treasure these details, and I’m sure your photographer will enjoy capturing them in your event!

Step Nine – Enjoy!

MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE ENTIRE PLANNING PROCESS! I have known so many of my friends who have said that wedding planning was so hard for them, and sure, maybe it’s different for everyone. But for me, I was in my element. I enjoyed every single aspect of it. I was looking through Pinterest for ideas like it was my job (which I frequently did do at my job lol). I printed the pictures that inspired me into a little note book, and I would take that note book with me to my meetings with my vendors. Even they loved it! I remember Mariam from Expressions by ME (who did my wedding decor) laughing at me and saying it was funny how I documented every aspect of what I wanted my decor to look like. And I ended up finishing all my planning two full months before my wedding date, and I remember feeling so bored. Even the week leading up to it, I rarely felt like there were things to do.

It’s truly an opportunity to hang out with your friends, become closer with your significant other, and learn about your families’ dreams and their own weddings. I hope my series helped you feel more at ease about your own wedding/event planning, and that it is a smooth and fruitful experience for you! 🙂

Are there any tips you wish you had while planning your big event? Are there any challenges you are currently facing while planning? Let me know, I would love to know. I will try to address all in my next posts.

Photo by Photography by Emma


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