Steps of Event Planning (pt 2)

I totally understand how overwhelming it can be to plan any type of event that fits your dreams and your budget. I started laying out some steps on where to start when you’re thinking about starting your plans. Please check the previous post if you haven’t already so you understand the full process.

Without further ado, let’s continue:

Step Four – Shop Around

 This is so important in my opinion! I remember before I got engaged, I had my heart set on one decorator, but she was very out of my budget. Thankfully, there are plenty of other talented decorators in the world, and I chose an amazing decorator for my wedding. The point is that, sure, you’ve probably been following certain vendors because you were in love with their work, but sometimes it’s okay to explore other options, whether it be a venue, photographer, or in my case, a decorator.

Shopping around allows you to explore your options in wherever city you plan to hold your event. Ask your friends if they know any vendors you could look into, compile a list, and start your research. A really good idea is to write down your vision, or have pictures you could send to your vendors about what your event theme/vision is, so that they know how to price your event, and that way you could have many different ways to choose your preferred vendor. Go with this list:

  1. Name of vendor,
  2. Availability (whether they are available for your event or not),
  3. Services they provide,
  4. Pricing.

Meet your potential vendors in person, have a conversation with them, view their portfolio, their material, ask them to create your vision for you at your meeting. This will help you so much in deciding who’s more likely to be booked by you.

Step Five – Venue

The first thing you should probably start looking to book, because without a date, you can’t really book anything else. When choosing this venue, it is very important to make sure that you ask the Events Coordinator to visit the location and ask them about all its features:

  • Where are the bathrooms? Coat room?
  • Is it air-conditioned (if indoors)?
  • What can I or can’t I have at your venue? (Some venues have some decor limitations, so it’s important to know – your decorator might already know them, but just in case, do have the information ready so you do not get charged.)

When I was picking my wedding venue, I tried to look for pictures of it in use to see how it would look like. Try Googling the venue, or search on Instagram for the location. It could give you an idea of how your event might look in there.

Step Six – Photography/Decorator

The second thing you should look to book is your photographer and/or your decorator. Let’s face it, you need a decorator to decorate your event venue, and you also need a photographer to capture the magic that’s going to happen there! I honestly can’t choose which is more important because they are equally as important, so they’re both in this step.

Based on your shopping around in step 4, you will have a pretty good idea of who will be your perfect fit, whether it’s because they can give you the event of your dreams or they understand your vision and can totally accomplish it for you. If that’s the case, you’re almost there! Congratulations! When you’ve booked your vendor (meaning you know your event’s date), immediately speak to your preferred vendor and book them if they are available for the day. They are most likely on standby waiting for you to tell them whether they have given you what you’re looking for, and potentially are already getting booked up by other clients.

Stay tuned for the 3rd and final part of this post.

Are there any tips you wish you had while planning your big event? Are there any challenges you are currently facing while planning? Let me know, I would love to know. I will try to address all in my next posts.

Photo by Photography by Emma


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